Dugout Thoughts

Dugout Thoughts
My Topps Bunt fan profile

Topps Bunt: It’s like Facebook for baseball fans.

Dugout Thoughts is run by me, Joaquin Selva, a rabid Cubs fan and lover of all things baseball. After a lifelong love affair with baseball cards, I discovered the Topps Bunt app and realized that I could continue collecting without carrying around my ratty shoebox everywhere. There don’t seem to be too many places dedicated to digital card collecting, so I thought I would try and spread the joy on to the phones of baseball fans everywhere. While I’m at it, I’ll probably chime in more than a few times with baseball thoughts unrelated to the Bunt app, most likely having something to do with the Cubs. If you stick around, you can expect to find a lot of different ways to enhance your baseball fan experience, whether it’s talking baseball on the forums, learning about a new baseball app, or just┬ábeing that much more in the know.┬áSo if you love baseball cards or even just like baseball, I hope you’ll stop by the dugout and stay a while.

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