The Dugout

Dugout Thoughts

The Dugout is my baseball card store on Digital Card Marketplace. Digital Card Marketplace is basically eBay for digital Topps cards, so it’s more focused and the experience is catered to digital baseball card aficionados. Anyways, The Dugout is my little corner of the website, where I sell all sorts of cool cards I’ve been lucky enough to pull. I even attempt to give them little captions. It’s just getting off the ground, so it doesn’t have any reviews yet, but you can check out my fan profile (HoboOsito) on Bunt to see my 4+ star trader rating.

Dugout Offerings

These are just a few of the cards you can pick up now!

You can expect any cool non-base cards I pull to show up at The Dugout. The few exceptions to this rule are my beloved Cubs and any other favorites of mine (like my Roberto Clemente sig.) The Dugout has a good variety of cards, from the common to the rare, from the inexpensive to the luxurious. Stop by and I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll make your collection that much better.

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